Side note,


This whole loving girls in sundresses thing makes me kinda sad because I don’t wear sundresses therefore no man wants to bang me.

And don’t tell me “well Erin just wear one”
Cause no. I have fat legs and I look pregnant in dresses.

Anonymous asked:
I'm terribly sorry it ended that way. It never ever hurts to be friends, coming from experience. I'm assuming it was young love and those last the longest in the heart and being young does not mean that's truly the end. You can never predict the future. Wonderful blog and story honestly.

I wish we would have stayed friends but I think it was just too hard. He started seeing someone right away and I got very jealous. We’re both happily in new relationships and happy with our lives now. I appreciate your kind words thank you 

Anonymous asked:
I have spent quite an amount of time reading these posts and to hear the girls side would make this an incredible complete blog that not just I but many others would want to read. If not, what was the cause of this ending? If you do not mind me asking.

Well, this blog was run by my ex boyfriend, who as you can see wrote me a letter everyday. Until one day I admitted to him I was in love with someone else. It was an awful thing for me to do but being in a long distance relationship was hard so I filled that physically void with another boy. We tried to wok on things and stay together and I stopped cheating but we just constantly fought and he could never 100% forgive me, which I don’t blame him. So we ended things. And now here we are a year later and we don’t talk at all. He was going to delete this blog, but like so many of you, I like to go back And re read them so I told him I’d put it under my domain tumblr. I still care and love him very much. And I was very convinced that he was the one for me. 

Anonymous asked:
i hope you are doing well...take care and good luck with everything :)

thank you, I really appreciate it

frenchword-deactivated20131002 asked:
Please keep this blog up, please please please. Just let it stay here for us all to read.

My ex used to run this blog. And he was thinking about deleting it but I convinced him to just let me have it because I want to be able to read and reblog these letters just as badly, if not more than you guys who follow it. After a year or so of being together and writing me these letters, he’s happily in love with another girl. I guess you could say that’s partially my fault, but now these letters have no meaning. Take them with a grain of salt. 

I just really miss having Netflix phone dates
And falling asleep to the sound of you breathing heavily

I wish you knew how much I hate myself for everything I did you.
This situation is exactly what it was with you and kirsty
I stole you from her and we fell in love
Now this girl steals you from me and you’re in love again.
I get that I fucked up, and I’m not asking for you to come back to me
But just don’t love her like you loved me. Don’t need her like you needed me
Don’t write her letters like you wrote me.
These letters will remain mine forever.
I re-read them all day
And I have since the beginning



I miss you, and I am aware of how idiotic I am for saying that. But I can’t control the way my heart feels. You were a best friend to me, and even though you’re not very nice to me anymore, it stinks we can’t talk. I know eventually it will be for the best, but I can’t help but play out scenarios in my head of what would happen if we saw each other again. :/ I’m lame this is lame. Whatever.


Thinking about deleting this blog soon so feel free to save whatever notes or whatever you wanna do idk but yeah. Or maybe just abandon it so no questions will be answered once I do. Just a heads up since there’s still a lot of you following.